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Patch release with Qt 6 and VTK-9 support › VisIt 3.4.1 Release
Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and Infrastructure Updates Read More ›

Numerous enhancements and bugfixes › VisIt 3.4 Release
Added operator keyframing support Read More ›

5 bugfixes, 10 enhancements › VisIt 3.3.3 Release
Updated the VTKm library from version 1.7.0 to 1.9.0 to add support for AMD GPUs Read More ›

13 bugfixes, 15 enhancements › VisIt 3.3.2 Release
Many fixes and enhancements to the X Ray Image Query Blueprint output Read More ›

First attempt at native build for Apple M1 machines › Alpha Release for Apple M1
Fixes for client/server connections to Livermore Computing from Windows › Fix for Windows Client/Server to LC
If you cannot connect from Windows to LC, please read on... Read More ›

20 bugfixes, 11 enhancements, 9 development changes › VisIt 3.3.1 Release
Many fixes and enhancements to the new color table tagging capabilities Read More ›

Numerous enhancements and bugfixes › VisIt 3.3 Release
Enhanced color table support Read More ›

13 bugfixes, 5 enhancements, 11 development changes › VisIt 3.2.2 Release
Fixed several bugs in the Blueprint reader Read More ›

One slide: 20 Years of CTR
From tersa-scale to the dawn of exa-scale, VisIt celebrates 20 years › Happy Anniversary VisIt
17 bugfixes, 4 enhancements, 7 development changes › VisIt 3.2.1 Release
Enhanced the CGNS reader so that it can now process structured Rind data Read More ›

Simulation of a high-energy-density mixing layer › Shock physics movies produced with VisIt
Numerous enhancements and bugfixes › VisIt 3.2 Release
Updated to support Python 3 Read More ›

18 bugfixes, 7 enhancements, 4 development changes › VisIt 3.1.4 Release
Enhanced the PLOT3D reader so that it can now process iblanking data Read More ›

21 bugfixes, 14 enhancements, 3 development changes › VisIt 3.1.3 Release
Added the Tessellate operator, which tessellates high order elements into linear elements Read More ›

20 bugfixes, 10 enhancements, 4 development changes › VisIt 3.1.2 Release
100x performance improvement in time picks by element Read More ›

Analyzing defects in 3D metal printing with VisIt › VisIt Images in Science Magazine
10 bugfixes, 5 enhancements, 6 development changes › VisIt 3.1.1 Release
macOS 10.14 now supported Read More ›

A video tutorial on keyframing › Powerful Animations with Keyframing
Make great movies with ease using keyframing Read More › blog article re-host › Continuous Technology Refreshment (CTR)
All teams have to do it. Now we have a name for it. Read More ›

Video interview some VisIt project members › In-Situ Data Analysis with ALPINE
In-situ visualization with Ascent/Jupyter Read More ›

A video intro to VisIt › 2018 ATPESC VisIt Tutorial
Intro to VisIt plus 90 min. hands-on tutorial Read More ›

Slides overviewing some early GPU acceleration work › SciPy 2012 Rewind
Python and GPU-accelerated expressions with OpenCL Read More ›