Numerous enhancements and bugfixes

VisIt 3.3 Release

Enhanced color table support

  1. Enhanced and modified the color table handling.
    • Many color tables from Fabio Crameri have been added for individuals who are color vision deficient (CVD).
    • A new tagging system has been introduced to make it easier to handle the increased number of color tables.
  2. Added the ability to repartition or flatten domain decomposed data.
    • When exporting data to Blueprint files, the user can now repartition or flatten the data.
    • It is now possible to directly access flattened data from the Python scripting interface.
  3. Many enhancements to the database readers.
    • Numerous enhancements have been made to the Blueprint reader.
    • Adding support for implicit points.
    • Adding support for polyhedral meshes.
    • Added a new Low Order Refine method for MFEM meshes. - The WData reader was added. - Enhancements were made to the Chombo, Xmdv, Xolotl, NASTRAN and ADIOS2 readers.