Numerous enhancements and bugfixes

VisIt 3.2 Release

Updated to support Python 3

  1. Updated to support Python 3.
    • Python 3 must now be used with VisIt. To support existing Python 2 scripts, the -py2to3 command line option has been added that performs limited Python 2 to Python 3 conversions.
  2. Many new and enhanced database readers.
    • AVS ucd and FMS readers added.
    • Enhanced the MFEM, CGNS, Conduit Blueprint, boxlib, PlaninText, UNV, Tecplot, Silo, Stimulate, and Xolotl readers.
  3. VTKm support has been enhanced.
    • Updated VTKm to a much newer version.
    • Added support for zone centered variables.
    • Added support for tetrahedra, pyramid and prism cells.