Numerous enhancements and bugfixes

VisIt 3.4 Release

Added operator keyframing support

Coming Soon!

  1. Added the ability to keyframe operator attributes.
  • When in keyframe mode, VisIt will interpolate the operator attributes between operator keyframes.
  • Keyframing makes it possible to easily create sophisticated animations such as animating slice planes, iso surfaces and any operator attributes available.
  • Two new functions have been added to the Python scripting interface to support operator keyframing. They are DeleteOperatorKeyframe and MoveOperatorKeyframe.
  • A tutorial has been added for creating keyframe animations.
  1. Numerous enhancements have been made to the Blueprint reader.
  • Added the MFEM LOR setting to the MFEM Reader. Users may now choose between the new LOR scheme and the legacy LOR scheme. The new scheme is the default.
  • VisIt’s Blueprint reader has been enhanced so related high order volume fraction fields from a matset are grouped into a material that can be used with the FilledBoundary plot. The high order material data fields are refined through MFEM LOR, whose refinement level can be controlled with the MultiresControl operator.
  • VisIt’s Blueprint reader now supports materials with material numbers that do NOT fall in the range [0, N), where N is the number of materials.
  • VisIt’s Blueprint reader now detects high-order volume fractions fields following the naming pattern volume_fraction_ZZZ as a material.
  • VisIt’s Blueprint reader now limits the total number of open HDF5 file handles.
  1. A number of key libraries used by VisIt have been upgraded.
  • OSPRay has been updated to version 3.0.0.
  • VTK has been upgraded to version 9.2.6.
  • Qt has been upgraded to version 6.4.2.

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