Active Developers


Kathleen Biagas
LLNL email GitHub

Eric Brugger
LLNL email GitHub
Eric Brugger has over 25 years’ experience developing and using scientific visualization and analysis software. He is the VisIt project leader and one of the original developers of the software. He received an R&D 100 award in 2005 as part of the development team of VisIt. He has extensive experience assisting users visualize and understand their simulation data as well as providing hands on VisIt training in workshop settings.

David Camp
LBNL email GitHub

Hank Childs
UofO email GitHub
Hank is a full Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Oregon. Hank’s research focuses on scientific visualization, high performance computing, and the intersection of the two. In July of 2012, Hank received the Department of Energy’s Early Career Award to research visualization with exascale computers (i.e., computers that can do 1018 floating operations per second). Hank spent over a dozen years at Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, directing research in big data visualization. Outside of his research, Hank is best known as one of the founding architects of VisIt.

Cyrus Harrison
LLNL email GitHub

Kevin Griffin
LLNL email GitHub
Kevin Griffin is a Senior Developer Technology Engineer at NVIDIA where he is working on the integration of scientific visualization software with NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform and a high-level API called ANARI (Analytic Rendering Interface) that supports diverse rendering back-ends. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at San Joaquin Delta College where he teaches computer science courses. Kevin has previously worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he was a Group Leader, Software Developer, and Solutions Executive for the High-Performance Computing Innovation Center.

Alister Maguire
LLNL email GitHub
Alister joined the VisIt team in 2017 after receiving his B.S. in computer science from the University of Oregon. At the UO, he studied scientific visualization under Hank Childs and bioinformatics under John Conery. His primary contributions to VisIt have been in relation to supporting the engineering department at LLNL. Alister is also a primary contributor to the LAGER project at LLNL, which develops machine learning solutions for applied relaxtion in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian simulations.

Mark C. Miller
LLNL email GitHub
Mark has supported VisIt and led development of Silo for scalable I/O requirements of LLNL HPC simulation codes such as ALE3D Kull, Ares, LASNEX and Overlink for 25+ years. Mark’s interests include data models and their impact on software interoperability, high performance I/O, and Software Quality Engineering (Smart Libraries) for HPC libraries.

Dave Pugmire
ORNL email GitHub

Allen Sanderson
University of Utah email GitHub
Allen is a Research Scientist at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah. He has contributed to VisIt for over 10 years, most notably many of the application oriented PICS operators. He has also exploited the LibSim functionality for monitoring large scale applications.

Gunther Weber
LBNL email GitHub

Brad Whitlock
Intelligent Light email GitHub
Brad is the Chief Software Architect at Intelligent Light and an alumni developer of VisIt. Brad contributed to VisIt during his 15 year career at LLNL, adding too many features to name. Brad has applied his deep VisIt experience to the creation of HPC-FieldView and VisIt PRIME and has completed several VisIt projects in industry to instrument simulations, create new readers, port to new platforms, and support high order meshes. Beyond VisIt, Brad has been involved with in situ research projects such as SENSEI and he has proposed and been PI on software projects such as Scoreboard and AMT FEVER….

Former Developers

Sean Ahern
Mark Blair
David Bremer
Cameron Christensen
Thomas Fogal
Harinarayan Krishnan
Matt Larsen
Jeremy Meredith
Shelly Prevost
Ellen Tarwater
Tom Treadway

Other contributors and collaborators

Cihan AltinayJohn AndersonJohn BemisEd Boyce
Ralph BruckschenJohn Cary
Olivier CessenatLinnea Cook
Rich Cook
Bob Corey
Brian DotsonMarc Durant
Jean Favre
Gauthier FauchetPatrick FragileChristoph Garth
Henri GirardMarkus GlatterAkira Haddox
Allen S. Harvey Jr.
Randy HudsonWalter Herrera JimenezWilliam T. JonesTerry Jordan
Dorian KrauseHenk KrüsKenneth LeiterMaxim Loginov
Rob Managan
Benoit MathieuPaul Navratil
Hua Pan
Mickael PhilitChristian ReisswigSvetlana G. Shasharina
Erik Schnetter
John SchreinerPaul SelbyCristina SiegeristRob Sisneros
Dale SlonePaul StewartDavid StuebeAndrew Szymkowiak
Matt Wheeler
Joel Welling
Chris Wojtan