VisIt LFS repo for sharing large files

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Options for uploading large files

If a user needs to get data to VisIt developers for any reason, the options available depend on the size of the files. In all of the scenarios below, compression can help mitgate size limits. best to use an archiver tool such as tar, zip, etc.

Sending data via a Pull Request

This involves using a combination of a web browser on GitHub and a shell command-line.

  1. First, fork the repository on GitHub
    • Open a browser to
    • Find and press the Fork button in the upper right
    • GitHub will ask you where you want to create the fork.
    • Create the fork in your personal space on GitHub.
    • Lets assume your GitHub name is fizbo.
    • Once you create the fork, clone it
  2. Create a local clone
    • Its best to use ssh to create the clone.
    git clone
    git clone 
  3. Add, commit and push file(s) to the bindata directory
    cd largedata/bindata
    git branch -b add-data-from-fizbo
    git add foo_data.tar.gz
    git commit -a -m 'adding my data file for upload'
    git push
    • Note: depending on the size of your files, it may take a long time for the git push operation to complete.
    • Even after completing the steps above, the files are on GitHub but not accessible by anyone other than you, fizbo. To make them accessible to the VisIt team, you need to create a pull request.
  4. Create a pull request
  5. After whatever issues associated the data are resolved, VisIt team members will close the pull request.