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VisIt Tutorial

This is the data bundle used in the basic VisIt tutorial.

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visit_tutorial.tar.xz (23MB)
visit_tutorial.tar.gz (62MB) (62MB)
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.tar.xz 23389164 (23MB) lzma2 tar archive, ~2-3x < gzip.
.tar.gz 62148858 (62MB) gzip tar archive (aka .tgz).
.zip 62122123 (62MB) deflate zip archive.
Format SHA 256
.tar.xz 1e8f8de6df865930efe877fb4c7a0bebe4fa99e2cb8c04d4612932d8c0b10666
.tar.gz d5159881506da10fbe067eed739a01bfe01398bc51303308a26f70d7ab227a5e
.zip 6bc4a85f612ffc0af1f2c41e2cae0196af4eda5fcb6f1d2706a1125005d9fe26
Format MD5
.tar.xz b7de1e73f54ec8f75a4a0938a9256bcd
.tar.gz 49f9e760de6c54441eee691321527858
.zip a882becd314e6378ff23697ae6a8b379