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VisIt Tutorial

This is the data bundle used in the basic VisIt tutorial.

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visit_tutorial_data.7z (23MB)
visit_tutorial_data.tar.gz (62MB) (62MB)
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Format Size
.7z 23132821 (23MB) 7zip, often 2-3x smaller than others.
.tar.gz 62703920 (62MB) Aka .tgz, tar'd then gzip'd.
.zip 62710658 (62MB) Zip archive, use unzip to expand.
Format SHA 256
.7z fb455dae7df90e3d7ea929f5bfd62eda5c915ea7554f6b8304925e63c85654b2
.tar.gz a59ad974086a31a79becf79473a9ca3d83d9d68d8fd765bff92099e381bab322
.zip 6159b1ccea9da385e2091984d77eabee4925a09697420657f2fea9885c52057b
Format MD5
.7z ef50c4f8ae00a7154e7de2a71babde4b
.tar.gz b26e694fa05ac1342d276314c21d6fb2
.zip 153650f2db5e67bf30bc21f82adca366