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VisIt Data Files

This data archive has a number of different test files for VisIt in Silo, PDB, ANALYZE formats.

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visit_data_files.tar.xz (8MB)
visit_data_files.tar.gz (28MB) (28MB)
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Format Size
.tar.xz 8829708 (8MB) lzma2 tar archive, ~2-3x < gzip.
.tar.gz 28445430 (28MB) gzip tar archive (aka .tgz).
.zip 28455422 (28MB) deflate zip archive.
Format SHA 256
.tar.xz 01dd5752148ecfe56527377a77ff90dfda35801a0689b3d07533830508c4c62a
.tar.gz 73a14ecd26f8ff0ca5c87f89901968884418afe9b8bd29a98c057feaa32e65e7
.zip 11542d1c9b4ce1959b03fec789265c0fc76a5b86e78ff9ea6f3169da3c46d555
Format MD5
.tar.xz d10191459d6891b00d659285c9c3d28e
.tar.gz 651e8bd5995307903254b7b3b88e3603
.zip 7ae6b314ad8c19c0e8fa4208bb39b5f3