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VisIt Data Files

This data archive has a number of different test files for VisIt in Silo, PDB, ANALYZE formats.

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visit_data_files.7z (8MB)
visit_data_files.tar.gz (28MB) (28MB)
Download integrity checks
Format Size
.7z 8818221 (8MB) 7zip, often 2-3x smaller than others.
.tar.gz 28471729 (28MB) Aka .tgz, tar'd then gzip'd.
.zip 28478238 (28MB) Zip archive, use unzip to expand.
Format SHA 256
.7z 80dcf9903cab0f31d396ba4a5cf0fea8a9228ffeb234efdc70610d8008cad918
.tar.gz a1c6495c05f90d3769e52adbf462d2561bdd798cfaab49fccd2e8d0285f9f6d8
.zip 62455beba217b80e13edc717f0ff3d86c25f61027c8f18f2dd8f9daa9a01a17c
Format MD5
.7z 9344357bb068f92ca9e67aad33b9d3f3
.tar.gz 96da6ff5bb44665a55ac8e6fb03d491a
.zip 5e3439f6a4110edeb5b5068dd2229563