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Potential Flow

This is the data bundle used in the Potential Flow tutorial.

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potential flow.tar.xz (62MB)
potential flow.tar.gz (159MB)
potential (159MB)
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Format Size
.tar.xz 62456340 (62MB) lzma2 tar archive, ~2-3x < gzip.
.tar.gz 159721642 (159MB) gzip tar archive (aka .tgz).
.zip 159728266 (159MB) deflate zip archive.
Format SHA 256
.tar.xz 34838890cbaccc5f983c568cf85f62653bdef6d1fe76ffe6d0264ee5ae5f1519
.tar.gz 6f55ef4ef01c1f84fb81bf7ec53000b3ebf8eb04d6e0f925919c7225469dec1f
.zip 648f9a48fe957f73f32f2ffdde9e003b0c74aac84b62db15be7d0b5424204977
Format MD5
.tar.xz f5068451de8c492feeb3f89bfb7f3332
.tar.gz 205e720097ad61fdafe9bca2d0482030
.zip ba2164b13b9b43738fe6b3a2bc8af6f5