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Potential Flow

This is the data bundle used in the Potential Flow tutorial.

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potential_flow_tutorial_data.7z (62MB)
potential_flow_tutorial_data.tar.gz (161MB) (160MB)
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Format Size
.7z 62216561 (62MB) 7zip, often 2-3x smaller than others.
.tar.gz 161211121 (161MB) Aka .tgz, tar'd then gzip'd.
.zip 160135943 (160MB) Zip archive, use unzip to expand.
Format SHA 256
.7z a7cda16160f732da7ac86d67ded74ac54e7e4c3b35f9b63031ec9b8f117b1af7
.tar.gz d6945ba808f262027deffea8074d7850e7b759ec4ce15d07a7044544d5d7619f
.zip e8e381e8bb40a436dd7a3dc9bc9212d0b06dcee73150d7deb798292246198546
Format MD5
.7z 835e497def012603c89784007d8489e3
.tar.gz 815a5f95464cc3ed8c3cd1c92b0ab0ec
.zip e5540585f5d56c0066d40604766537c6