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This is the data bundle used in the MRI tutorial

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mri_tutorial_data.7z (788KB)
mri_tutorial_data.tar.gz (1MB) (1MB)
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Format Size
.7z 788306 (788KB) 7zip, often 2-3x smaller than others.
.tar.gz 1122991 (1MB) Aka .tgz, tar'd then gzip'd.
.zip 1123738 (1MB) Zip archive, use unzip to expand.
Format SHA 256
.7z e1f76ad0e6d5a32b95ebdace250e4f4fe8df5329e27494b61516056ec8a5c582
.tar.gz 192e9c06b75b22d3ddd83aaf4473bbd0b28d5b6c56e389088be0aa0cb2e45298
.zip 0ea14527ef183243afc0b2590649fefd4d0e0c8391682c84141e38df6509c38b
Format MD5
.7z 90bf50927df78763b7a096d4f0ea24a1
.tar.gz 656be87b2248fa1c03636798f70ea3eb
.zip 11c5fc575817f9de83838768d6bd8ee3