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This is the data bundle used in the aneurysm tutorial.

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aneurysm_tutorial_data.7z (115MB)
aneurysm_tutorial_data.tar.gz (379MB) (379MB)
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Format Size
.7z 115843082 (115MB) 7zip, often 2-3x smaller than others.
.tar.gz 379007322 (379MB) Aka .tgz, tar'd then gzip'd.
.zip 379017392 (379MB) Zip archive, use unzip to expand.
Format SHA 256
.7z b4d66262fffca36271610b1b45e1f149cb59804aefc9a8d8534863b4083810d7
.tar.gz 43052cdd917b8f602548abc4d8a1c91ae1b09ccd02c87fc33f771b9537051a6b
.zip 54bd52f7c6c91dbdc274241f96e545421d4d35c6f01c4dea5d564777f45f0bde
Format MD5
.7z ce4c6cb82ddea199439c036c69e008e4
.tar.gz 1f29b66da161e77632b27c2528495ebf
.zip 92dbfa8b116c3d3b981459b9f8dbe4aa